Central Oklahoma Land Services
Oklahoma Corporation Commission form number key
1000Application to Drill, Recomplete or Reenter
1000BApplication To Drill Deep Anode Groundbed
1000SApplication to Conduct Seismic Operations
1001Notification of Intention to Plug
1001ANotification of Well Spud
1002ACompletion Report
1002BConfidential Filing of Electric Logs
1002CCementing Report (to accompany the Completion Report)
1003/1003CPlugging Record
1003ANotice of Temporary Exemption from Plugging
1004Monthly Unallocated Natural Gas Production Report
1004BNotice of Gas Purchase Nominations (Curtailments)
1006Surety Bond
1006AFinancial Statement
1006BOperator's Agreement To Plug Oil, Gas, and Service Wells Within The State Of Oklahoma
1006CLetter Of Credit
1006CDCertificate Of Deposit
1006DAffidavit of Well Plugging Cost
1006EAffidavit Application for E-Filing
1006BR-AOperator's Agreement To Close Recycling/Reclaiming Facility
1006BR-BBond or Irrevocable Letter of Credit (for closure and reclamation of recycling/reclaiming facility)
1006SOperator's Agreement to Plug Seismic Shot Holes with the State of Oklahoma
1006SBSurety Bond for Seismic Operations and Plugging Within The State Of Oklahoma
1010Application for Canceled Underage
1011Multi-Zone Lease Runs Report
1012AAnnual Fluid Injection Report
1013Reservoir Dewatering - Excessive Water Exemption Affidavit - Reservoir Dewatering Oil Spacing Unit
1014Application for Permit to Use Earthen Pit
1014ACommercial Mud Disposal Annual Report
1014CChain of Custody Record/Analysis Request
1014CACompliance Agreement
1014CSApplication for Commercial Soil Farming
1014CRApplication for Construction of Commercial Recycling Pit
1014DApplication for Surface Discharge
1014HDNotice of Surface Discharge of Hydrostatic Test Water
1014LSurface Owner Permission for Land Application
1014LADesignation of Land Application Agent
1014NApplication for Commercial Pit Construction
1014PAnnual Report for Surface Discharge
1014RPost-Land Application Report
1014SApplication for Land Application
1014WApplication for Waste Oil or Drill Cuttings Use by County Commissioners
1014XApplication for Waste Oil or Drill Cuttings Use by Operators
1015Application for Administrative Approval to Dispose of or Inject Water into Wells
1015SIApplication for Permit for Simultaneous Injection Well
1015TApplication for Injection of Reserve Pit Fluids
1016Back Pressure Test for Natural Gas Wells
1017Guymon-Hugoton Field Gas Well Deliverability Tests
1019Guymon-Hugoton Field Acreage Statement for Gas Wells
1020AApplication For Certification Under The Recycling, Reuse of Deleterious Substances
1021Application for Priority Hardship Well Classification
1021AApplication for Limited Deviation from the Priority Gas Rules
1021BNotice Of Intent To Mediate
1022Application to Flare or Vent Gas
1022AApplication to Operate Vacuum Pump
1023Application for Multiple Completion, Multi-choke Assembly or Commingle Completion
1024Packer Setting Affidavit
1025Packer Leakage Test
1027Bottom Hole Pressure Test
1028Application for Discovery Oil Allowable
1029AProduction or Potential Test
1030Application for Allowable Adjustment
1034Nomination and Purchaser's Report
1055Application for Pipe Pulling and Well Plugging License
1072Notice of Termination of Injection
1073Notice of Transfer of Well Operatorship
1073AApplication For Change of Operator on Orders of the Commission
1073BNotice of Application on Orders of the Commission
1073CNotice of Hearing on Orders of the Commission
1073DOperator Permitting Change of Operator, Appointment of Alternative Operator and/or Deletion of Designation of Operator on Orders of the Commission
1073ITransfer of Operatorship - Injection, Disposal and Commercial Disposal Wells
1075Mechanical Integrity Test
1139Applications (Enhanced Recovery Project) for Gross Production Tax Exemption
1534Application for Tax Rebate
1535Application for Sales Tax Exemption (Dewatering or Enhanced Recovery Project)

Source: http://www.occeweb.com/og/ogforms.html